Spray Booth Operator (Tacoma, WA)

Schedule: Monday-Friday | 6:00am-2:30pm
Pay: $24-27/hr

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Paint Spray Booth Operator to join our team. As a Paint Spray Booth Operator, you will play a critical role in ensuring the efficient and high-quality application of paint to various surfaces and products. Your expertise in operating and maintaining paint spray equipment will contribute to the success of our painting department.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Spray Booth Operation:
    • Set up and operate paint spray equipment, including spray guns, air compressors, and ventilation systems.
    • Adjust equipment settings to achieve the desired finish, coverage, and color consistency.
    • Monitor and maintain proper air pressure, temperature, and humidity levels in the spray booth.
  2. Paint Application:
    • Apply paint coatings to surfaces using various techniques, including spraying, brushing, or rolling.
    • Ensure even distribution of paint and proper adhesion to surfaces.
    • Follow paint specifications and quality standards to achieve a flawless finish.
  3. Quality Control:
    • Inspect painted surfaces for defects, such as runs, streaks, or inconsistencies.
    • Perform touch-ups and corrections as needed to meet quality standards.
  4. Safety and Compliance:
    • Adhere to safety guidelines and protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe handling of chemicals.
    • Report any safety hazards or incidents to the supervisor immediately.
    • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations related to paint application and disposal.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance:
    • Maintain a clean and organized work area, including the spray booth and surrounding equipment.
    • Perform routine maintenance on paint spray equipment and troubleshoot equipment issues.


– High school diploma or equivalent.
– Proven experience as a Paint Spray Booth Operator or in a similar role.
– Proficiency in operating paint spray equipment and knowledge of various painting techniques.
– Strong attention to detail and commitment to quality.
– Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
– Excellent communication skills.
– Physical stamina and the ability to lift, carry, and move heavy objects as needed.

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