Tax Accountant

$24-$26 per hour

This position performs an administrative and operational role that focuses on supporting sales tax and WA B&O tax reporting, coordinating company fleet maintenance and repair, and state licenses and registration.


-Work with tax reporting software to supplement and ensure timely and accurate filings of all city and state sales tax and WA B&O tax returns.
-Reconcile Avalara tax reporting software against internal reports to ensure accuracy.
-Work with Avalara returns under a strict deadline to file most city and state sales tax and WA B&O tax returns.
-Track, prepare, and file, WA city B&O returns not managed by Avalara.
-Work with contracts and billing to consistently update and monitor exemption certificates software, which includes requesting new certificates as they expire.
-Monitor sales activity and register for state and city business licenses and sales tax licenses as needed.


-Bachelor degree in business or accounting
-2 years of experience in sales tax


-Understanding of sales tax and WA B&O taxes for construction and manufacturing.
-Able to research sales tax compliance to handle questions from multiple departments.
-Experience filing returns.
-Working with tax reporting software.
-Professional communication and demeanor at all times. Must be able to communicate to both management and staff clearly.
-Good written and professional verbal communication skills.
-Able to exercise good judgment.

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