Cabinet Production Manager

$90,000-$120,000 per year.

This position is responsible to coordinate all activities of workers for a production department or shift in the creation of commercial cabinets and doors. Expectations include the right products being created on time, within budget, and with the proper amount of labor using key metrics to help monitor and manage the assigned department.


-Allocate resources to ensure minimum downtime and completion of scheduled activities.
-Promote safety and compliance with all Company policies and procedures.
-Supervise the day-to-day operations of the assigned department or shift.
-Identify and develop key metrics to report on deliverables and revitalize current standard work procedures.
-Assist with preparation of work schedules and expedite workflow.
-Manage all work orders to ensure that production schedule is met, ensuring status updates are communicated and tracked.
-Act as a technical troubleshooter as issues arise.
-Assist in improvements within the assigned department to improve cost and efficiency.
-Plan and execute the production schedule, providing supervision and direction to production employees.


-High School diploma or GED.
-Previous experience in a similar position preferred


-5 years manufacturing supervisory experience

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